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How Can I Buy Bitcoin from Cash App?

Bitcoin from Cash App

Of all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is one of the most popular currencies. Bitcoin is a new type of money that works very differently from traditional financial money. Bitcoin is not control by any person, company, or organization; it is a decentralized digital currency, support by substantial digital computers. Read the complete blog to buy bitcoin on cash app.

Bitcoin has become more secure and confidential after the incident, and it has also upgraded its blockchain technology.

When you buy a Bitcoin, you only have access to your funds. You can send, receive, and store your Bitcoin in a secure digital wallet app, which no bank or financial institution has access to.

In this article, you will learn how to buy Bitcoin using your Cash App account, transaction fees involved, and essential pointers to note before you invest in Bitcoin.

Steps to buy Bitcoin using Cash App

Follow the below-mention steps to buy Bitcoins on your Cash App:

Open Cash App on your Smartphone.
Open Cash App wallet by clicking on the amount shown at the extreme left of the screen.
Click on the second last icon displayed as Investing Tab.
Click on the Bitcoin tab.
Click on Buy.
Select or enter any amount you would like to invest and click Next.
Use your face Id to confirm the transaction.
Click on confirm after verifying the details shown on the screen.
Congratulations, your Bitcoins have been purchased, click on Done.

Note: Please note before investing in Bitcoin, users need to add their bank account or link debit card details. It is mandated for users to verify their identity by entering the full name and social security number before investing in Bitcoins. After every successful purchase, a mail confirmation is sent from Cash App about the Bitcoin transaction summary.

What is the fees charged by Cash App on transaction of Bitcoin?

Please note, as per official confirmation, “Cash App may charge fees when a user buys or sells Bitcoin; however, fees will be listed on the trade confirmation before users complete the transaction.”

To highlight more, Cash App charges two kinds of fees on Bitcoins transaction mentioned below:

  1. Sevice Fees on every unique transaction.
  2. Depending on the market activity that keeps fluctuating, an additional fee is charged, determined by price volatility across U.S exchanges.

Is it possible to schedule a Bitcoin purchase automatically?

Due to the increase in demand for Bitcoin on Cash App, users try to invest more, so Square Inc has introduced an update to Cash App where a preselected amount of Bitcoins would automatically be purchased in Cash App. After every successful purchase, users will receive a mail confirmation on the purchase of their Bitcoins.

Is it safe to transact Bitcoins on Cash App?

Cash App, in general, has a stringent security algorithm. For every transaction, Cash App requires a security PIN or face confirmation of the user before proceeding. So it is safe to transact Bitcoins on Cash App.


This article states the steps to purchase Bitcoins on Cash App. We have also answered some most common questions faced across by users of the Cash App. Kindly go through the complete article to gain insights on hidden queries of Bitcoins on Cash App.

If any user is still facing doubt or issue with Cash App account, kindly call on below mentioned contact numbers our support representatives would solve the problem.

Buy Bitcoin with Cash App - Step by step guide [SOLVED]
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Buy Bitcoin with Cash App - Step by step guide [SOLVED]
Cash App provided the option from which you can sell and purchase Bitcoin. Here are the steps by which you can buy Bitcoin with Cash App.
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